Throttle Instructions

All locomotives are DCC and controlled with radio cab control throttles. Diesel locomotives are operated using Iowa Scaled Engineering’s excellent ProtoThrottles; steam locomotives are operated with NCE radio cabs.

ProtoThrottle diagram.

Basic controls are as follows…

ProtoThrottle for DIESEL locos
Cab ONpress MENU button (Upper Left of the LCD)
Select Loco
Headlightturn knob(s) at bottom to DIM or BRT
Bellpress BELL; press again to turn off
Hornpull brown HORN handle towards you
Air Comppress AIR (latch: press once for function, press again to turn OFF)
Engine OFFcannot turn engine off with this throttle
Cab OFFset Throttle to IDLE, Brake OFF, Reverser in middle position;
then hold down SELECT button, then press DOWN button
ProtoThrottles are labelled and modified with parts from Scotty’s Model Shop to aid the operator.

NCE ProCab throttle for STEAM locos
Cab ONpress [EMERG STOP] once
Select Locopress [SELECT LOCO]; type in Engine Number; press [ENTER]
Headlightpress [HEADLIGHT]; press [7] to dim headlight
Bellpress [BELL]
Whistle/Hornpress [HORN/WHISTLE]
Waterpress [9]; press again to stop
Class/Markerspress [6]; press again to turn off
Speedsuse SPEED [INC] / [DEC] buttons; do not use thumb wheel
[INC FAST] / [DEC FAST] change in 4 speed-step increments
Engine OFFpress [EMERG STOP] once
Cab OFFpress [EXPN], then press [1]
Latch = press once for function ON, press again for function OFF
NCE Intermediate throttle
Select Loco
HeadlightKeypad 6

BellBELL (latch)
Air Comp
Engine OFFn/a
Latch = press once for function ON, press again for function OFF