Throttle Instructions

All locomotives are DCC equipped and controlled with wireless throttles. Diesel locomotives are operated using Iowa Scaled Engineering’s ProtoThrottles. Steam locomotives are controlled using NCE radio cabs.

ProtoThrottles are used for diesel locomotives and operate similar to the prototype. I have added several parts from Scotty’s Model Shop for additional realism.
For DIESELProtoThrottles
LanyardPlease place the lanyard around your neck.
Turn ONPress MENU button ONCE; the engine number should be displayed.
DirectionAs in the prototype, first move the THROTTLE lever to IDLE, then select direction by moving the REVERSER handle to F (forward) or R (reverse).
SpeedNotch THROTTLE to 1-8 to move the engine (typically no more than 4-5 is needed). The engine will continue to coast, even at IDLE.
BrakeJust like the prototype, one must use the BRAKE to slow down or stop, otherwise the engine will continue coasting. Reduce THROTTLE to IDLE, then apply the brakes by moving the red BRAKE handle to the RIGHT; the farther you go, the more brakes are applied. Gently modulate to creep up to a car to couple. Moving the handle fully LEFT will release the brakes (and allow you to move the engine).
HeadlightKnobs at bottom control rear & front headlights; set one or both to DIM
BellToggle ON & OFF with the brass-colored BELL button
HornGently pull the brown HORN handle towards you
Turn OFFTHROTTLE to IDLE, BRAKE released (to the left), REVERSER in the center position & both HEADLIGHTS OFF; then press SELECT button for 1-2 seconds until POWER DOWN is shown; then press the DOWN button.
Miscellaneous • Unfamiliar screen appears: press & hold MENU button to return to the Home Screen
• Throttle goes to sleep: press MENU button ONCE to turn back on
• Engine not responding to throttle: double-check that the BRAKE has been released (completely to the left)
• Toggle display backlight ON/OFF: press MENU button
• Always feel free to ask for clarification

Troubleshooting the ProtoThrottle

Inevitably, everyone has a problem with a ProtoThrottle. 99% of the time, it is one of the following…

NCE intermediate radio cab
Turn ONPress HORN button ONCE
Select LocoPress SELECT & enter engine number, then press ENTER
DirectionToggle forward/reverse with DIRECTION button
SpeedRotate knob clockwise to increase speed; counterclockwise to slow
HeadlightPress keypad 0 to turn ON
BellToggle ON/OFF with keypad 1
WhistlePress HORN button (press keypad 3 for short whistle)
Turn OFFWhile holding SHIFT/ESC button down, simultaneously press HORN
More fun Keypad functions for Steam Locomotives…
Steam ReleaseToggle ON/OFF with keypad 4
Interior Cab LightToggle ON/OFF with keypad 5
Class/Marker LightsToggle ON/OFF with keypad 6
Mute SoundToggle ON/OFF with keypad 8
WaterToggle ON/OFF with keypad 9