Incline crew

  • Load and unload the river transfer boat
    • Assess car length and tonnage to assure proper boat loading
      • Avoid capsizing or overloading the boat
    • Center track movements first
      • One cut off, one cut on
      • Boat then repositions to load other tracks
  • Pull empty boat coal if 1st run of day
    • Shove boat coal if last run of day (2 on Saturday)
    • Drop boat coal under wheelhouse next to coal bunker doors
  • Once boat switching is completed, shove cuts to Middle Yard
  • Note: the prototype accomplished one roundtrip every 90 minutes

Middle Yard crew

  • Breakdown & classify inbound cars
  • Build scheduled and extra trains
  • Weigh loads originating on the Ste Genevieve subdivision
    • Complete weight ticket and provide to conductor
    • Overweight cars to be returned to originator
  • Note: occasional river flooding may cause yard tracks to be out of service

Road crew

  • Run local freight trains № 92 and № 93 between Ste Genevieve and Derby Jct per Employee Timetable
  • Run extra trains between Ste Genevieve and Derby Jct
  • Switch Ste Genevieve Industrial Lead and SLSF interchange

Interlock Tower Operator

  • Respond to requests for movements through interlock
    • Incline crew has senior rights
  • Respond to requests for switching of the Ste Genevieve Industrial Lead


  • All freight trains and industry jobs run with a caboose with the exception of the Ste Genevieve Industrial Lead
  • Steam engines must stop for water before yard departure, upon return and whenever noted on Employee Timetable
  • Occasional passengers will be accommodated on any train
  • During regular operations, the Yard crew is prohibited from entering Thomure Yard tracks 1, 2 and 3
  • During regular operations, the Incline crew is prohibited from entering Middle Yard tracks 1, 2 and 3