Construction Timeline

Construction of the M-I began in June 2019. This timeline page is updated as milestones are completed.

Construction milestones…

  • June 2019 Construction begins on peninsula benchwork
  • August 2019 Turntable installed
  • December 2019 Thomure and Middle Yard track work begun
  • January 2020 NCE DCC installed
  • April – December 2020 Layout construction slowed due to house renovation
  • November 2020 Mosher benchwork framed and hung from wall
  • January 2021 Thomure and Middle Yard track work revised and completed
  • March 2021 Mainline track work to interlock crossing completed
  • April 2021 Main Street overpass completed
  • September 2021 Construction of ferry boat hull
  • October 2021 Line side and tower telephone system installed; incline benchwork hung
  • November 2021 Incline and Mississippi River track work and scenery completed
  • May 2022 Hung remainder of all benchwork

Current project(s)…

  • Track work
  • Painting and weathering of rolling stock (covered hoppers)

Upcoming project(s)…

  • Ferry boat superstructure
  • Installation of interlock semaphores

Operational elements…

  • Mississippi River incline
  • Thomure yard
  • Turntable
  • Middle Yard
  • Mississippi River incline
  • Mainline from Middle Yard to interlock crossing