Weingarten Depot

The depot located at Weingarten was salvaged from a previous M-I layout. The model inspiration was the depot located at Herculaneum, MO, on the north end of the M-I’s Bonne Terre sub. I scratch built this based on a picture in the MPHS Eagle and from my recollections as a kid growing up in Herculaneum. Unfortunately, I never got around to measuring or photographing the original building.

It is clear this depot follows the typical MoPac pattern of depots, rather austere and quite practical.

Herculaneum M-I depot in 1955. The large structure in the background is the St Joseph Lead Company smelter.

Materials list…

  • Evergreen Styrene
    • Walls    .030″
    • Roof    .080″
    • Eave strips .030″ x .125″ strip
    • Angle #292 .080″ for freight door surround
    • Strip #135 .030″ x .100″ for lower brown trim
  • Rusty Stumps
    • L5501    Precision ruled plank sheet 10”, RC board, .022” thick, adhesive back (x1)
    • L5504    Precision ruled plank sheet 4”, RC board, .022” thick, adhesive back (x1)
    • D4537    Tall cross buck freight door, plywood (lights removed) (used 1 of the 3 doors)
    • D5501    3-tab roof shingles slate grey, 4”x12” sheets, adhesive back (x4)
    • D5516    Ridge cap and start strip slate grey (x1)
    • D4515    Engine house windows for freight room window
  • Grandt Line
    • #3608    Waiting room door with frame
    • #3768    Windows 38” x 78” double-hung, 2/2 (x3)
    • NBW casting for door handle
  • TruColor Paint
    • TCP-123 MP Eagle Yellow
    • TCP-806 Flat Brown
    • TCP-821 Brick Red
  • MicroScale Decals
    • #87-183 HO MoPac Cabooses buzzsaws
  • Station signs (PowerPoint)