Crew Information

  1. Layout is in a finished basement and accessible from the main floor or an exterior entrance (down one flight of stairs either way)
  2. Crew members should familiarize themselves with all information under the Operations menu
  3. Clearance points are marked on ties – please observe to prevent damage
  4. Many cars & engines are fragile (brass, resin, etc with delicate parts) – please use caution when re-railing
  5. Notify Superintendent for bad-order equipment
  6. Place throttle lanyards around neck
  7. Crew lounge offers seating, DVD/music/streaming, books and railroadiana
  8. Beverages are permitted in train room; please use drink holders on fascia
  9. Drink holders can also accommodate throttles, phones, pencils, wands, etc
  10. Upon shift completion, return uncoupling wands and throttles to storage
  11. Restroom adjacent to Crew Lounge (no charge for crew)
  12. Observers are welcome to attend sessions (10ยข charge for restroom use)
  13. The dogs are family and have the run of the house; please do not feed or place food/drink at their level
  14. Smoking permitted outdoors on patio