Road Job (C&E)


  • Crew:    C&E
  • Head end:    Alco diesel
  • Throttle:    ProtoThrottle
  • Rear end:    Caboose
  • Locale:    Anywhere on sub south of Middle Yard
  • Session:    Opens as northbound local № 92 sits at Derby Jct (interchange point to the M-I’s Bonne Terre sub)


  1. Switch № 92 at Derby Jct per Waybills/Car Cards
  2. Proceed northward and make trailing point moves at Millers and plant switching at Mosher
  3. Upon arrival at Ste. Genevieve depot, request clearance from Yardmaster to enter Middle Yard; hold train between depot and bridge until cleared to proceed and deliver train to Middle Yard; await call to crew Extras
  4. Yardmaster will deliver train orders for Extras…
    • Mosher Switcher works Peerless Lime Plant only (may be switched multiple times daily as needed)
    • Afternoon Yard Job works SLSF interchange and Ste. Genevieve industrial area only
    • Derby Jct Turn works stations/industries south of Mosher only (Weingarten, Millers & Derby Jct)

Additional Notes

  • Yard Limits extend from the river to Mosher
  • The main in Ste. Genevieve crosses the Thomure incline track at grade; the Boat Job has priority over the main at the diamond; stop before the diamond and request clearance from the Boat Crew before proceeding
  • Passengers may be carried on any freight train with a caboose; therefore, those trains must stop at Weingarten and Ste. Genevieve stations for 2 minutes to pick up and discharge passengers
Various orders for extra trains delineate consist make-up, tonnage and whether a caboose is required. “PU/SO” is the acronym for “Pick Up and Set Out”.