Middle Yard


Middle Yard was positioned halfway between Thomure and the Ste. Genevieve depot – a total distance of about 2 miles. The prototype had 12 tracks with a capacity of 139 cars; a Fairbanks balance beam track scale was located on the south end of the yard. Crews classified and built trains for the journey south (mostly westward) from Ste. Genevieve to an interchange in Bismarck, MO, on the MoPac’s DeSoto Division.

Layout adaptation…

There are 3 tracks available for sorting and classification at Middle Yard on the layout, with track #3 having a Boulder Creek Engineering track scale for weighing outbound loads. Overloaded cars are returned on the next train to the originator for adjustment.

Water is available for steam locomotives at the south end of Middle Yard. Unfortunately, the quality of the muddy Mississippi River water does not produce great steam, so crews try to use as much as possible enroute so they can refill with the natural spring water available at Weingarten.

Track schematic for Middle Yard

Typical traffic & shipments…

The yard crew works primarily out of Middle Yard, although crews can be called for any job. Given this yard builds trains for the southward locals to Derby Jct and Bismarck (off-layout) and preps cuts for the river transfer boat to Kellogg, Illinois, all types of cars and lading pass through its tracks.

The Afternoon Yard Job originates at Middle Yard and switches the Ste Genevieve industrial lead and interchange with the Frisco (SLSF). This is the only M-I train which does not require a caboose.