• Crew:    1    (i.e., you are on your own)
  • Head end:    EMD diesel
  • Throttle:    ProtoThrottle
  • Rear end:    None
  • Locale:    Middle Yard
  • Session:    Opens with cars in yard needing to be sorted/entrained, moved across river to Illinois, and/or weighed. More cars are always on the way.


  1. Build and refill trains per Waybills – typically boat cuts, bridge traffic & on-layout industries.  Given several facing point switch locations, some cars may need to return south for switching. 
  2. Prepare 12-car cuts for Boat Crew (needed in 40-60 minutes); crew will deliver 12 southbound cars simultaneously.
  3. Northbound local № 92 arrives in 30-60 minutes & terminates at Middle Yard.  Direct Road Crew to hostle power & caboose; call crew for Extra when ready.
  4. Assemble extra trains per train order Form 19’s.  When built, slip orders into engine card and call crew…
    • Mosher Switcher works Peerless Lime Plant only (may be switched multiple times daily as needed)
    • Afternoon Yard Job works SLSF interchange and Ste. Genevieve industrial area only
    • Derby Jct Turn works stations/industries south of Mosher only (Weingarten, Millers & Derby Jct)
  5. Car Cards with a pale yellow WEIGH IN TRANSIT slip shall be weighed (see instructions at the Scale House).  If car weight is excessive, flip the Waybill around & insert a bright yellow Over-Weight Car slip in front of the Waybill.  Car shall be returned for adjustment to its point of origination on the next train.
  6. Pick Up & Set Out hoppers as needed to coal chute (track located on turntable position 8).

Additional Notes

  • Yard Limits extend from the river to Mosher
  • Direct entry into Middle Yard: northbound trains shall wait between depot and the bridge; Boat Crew can spot to either A/D track between Middle Yard & Thomure
  • Call Road Crew to work extras; if not available, call Boat Crew if idle
Various orders for extra trains delineate consist make-up, tonnage and whether a caboose is required. “PU/SO” is the acronym for “Pick Up and Set Out”.