Boat Job (C&E)


  • Crew: C&E
  • Head end:    Baldwin 4-8-0
  • Throttle:    NCE Intermediate cab
  • Rear end:    Idler car MI #1600
  • Locale:    Thomure yard & ferry boat (3 tracks of 4 cars each)
  • Session:   Opens with arrival of boat full of southbound cars; Thomure yard will contain Illinois-bound cars


  1. Work boat’s center track first & remove blue flag at head of cut
  2. Pull cars & move to Thomure yard; shove Illinois-bound cars onto same ferry track
  3. Reset brakes (insert blue flag thru coupler into hole on deck)
  4. Call Superintendent to move boat
  5. Repeat process until all tracks worked
  6. Once boat work completed…
    • Contact Superintendent to move boat across river
    • Contact Yardmaster for clearance to shove southbound cars to Middle Yard
  7. Engine must refill tender water before next boat job (press 9 for water; press again to stop)

Additional Notes

  • Boat Job has priority over the main at diamond (proceed with caution as crossing is not yet signaled)
  • Typically takes about an hour to work a boat load of cars
  • If Boat Crew is idle for prolonged period of time, Yardmaster may call to work an extra