Weighing Cars at Middle Yard Track Scale


  • Prepare scales for weighing
    • LEFT toggle switch to WEIGH
    • RIGHT toggle switch to type of car being weighed: LOG or X
  • Slowly shove car across scale, pausing for the bell to ring
  • Note the red LED readout (Gross Weight)
    • Add the car’s stenciled Lt Wt and Load Limit
    • If Gross Weight exceeds this result, then car is overweight
  • Continue weighing all cars (changing RIGHT toggle as necessary for car type)
  • Upon completion…
    • Remove WEIGH IN TRANSIT slip from all the Car Cards and store
    • LEFT toggle switch to OFF
  • For overweight cars…
    • Flip Waybill around
    • Insert bright yellow¬†Over-Weight Car¬†slip in front of Waybill
    • Return car to its origin on next train for adjustment of lading
A pale yellow slip (left) in the Car Card denotes a car to be weighed by the Yardmaster. If a car’s gross weight is excessive, the Yardmaster inserts the slip on the right into the front of the Car Card pocket and returns the car to its origin on the next train. The shipper will then off load contents to assure proper weight.